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Chassis number – SKOGMO. Engine Number – 119. Valve Clearance – 024. Dino number – 6. Advance – 36.

Supplied new to Don Skogmo in 1964 and raced by himself in various Can-Am races in the U.S throughout that season. Original fitted with an Oldsmobile engine, then replaced by a Ford before being updated over the following years into a later Mk10, receiving a new body, suspension components, wheels and a Chevrolet.

Before being purchased by Italian Pierre Tonetti it had only ever been raced in the States, making it a rarity in paddocks across Europe. With Tonetti at the wheel it has gained very good results at both the Goodwood Revival and the Goodwood Members Meeting, being in the mix with the more popular Lola T70 Spyder’s and McLaren M1B’s.

It has undergone a complete restoration by us to its later Mk10 spec, with Chevrolet engine as well as its original transaxle and is in race ready condition, having last raced at the Goodwood Revival in 2014 where it qualified 3rd in the hands of Tonetti, and produced a result of 4th.

The car comes complete with many spares, including both nose and tail bodywork sections and the moulds to go with them, a set of spare wheels and spare transaxle along with other components.

This race car is perfect if you require something a little different, fast and special and is well suited to the nature of circuits like Goodwood, which it is almost guaranteed to gain an entry for the Revival meeting’s Whitsun Trophy, and can – we believe – be a race winner in the right hands.

1973 LOLA T330

Chassis number HU21 was sold to Jackie Epstein’s Shellsport Luxembourg Team for Clive Santo in May 1973.

The Lola T330 was the first purpose built Formula 5000 machine made by the Huntingdon marque, making vast improvements from its predecessor the T300. It also signalled the beginning of Lola’s dominance of the category both in Europe and in the U.S. With its monocoque design, it proved to be lighter and stiffer than urge T300, and had a lower centre of gravity as well as superior aerodynamics utilising a more effective wing and sleeker lines.

The car was campaigned throughout the 1973-74 seasons by Santo for the Shellsport Team before being sold to Gerry Amato in 1975. After having the car for two years it was passed on to Robin Smith in 1977 but then sold fairly soon after to Jacques Marquet in the same year, which subsequently is when the car left the UK.

Marquet retained the car until 2000 when it was purchased by Don Halliday and returned to the UK. It was rebuilt to our extremely high standards , retaining its original crossover injection. It was initially painted in Mario Andretti tribute Viceroy colours and raced by Simon in the FORCE Historic F5000 Series in 2001, where it scored a maiden win at Silverstone.

Since then, the car has undergone another complete restoration and rebuild, and been returned to its original Shellsport livery of yellow and black.

This is without doubt, the best, most original T330 in the world today and we assure you that it is absolutely ready to race and to win. It has had many wins in our hands competing in the HSCC’s Derek Bell trophy.

Included in the sale are many spares including rear wing and nose complete with endplates, a set of spare mounted slicks and a set of mounted wets.